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Find an expert

Wherever you are in the UK, and whatever expertise you need, Atkinson Lewis can help.

Our expert teams span the whole country, and cover every discipline in the medico-legal field.

Today, we can provide:

  • Clinical specialists, including Psychiatrists, Psychologists and GPs
  • Laboratory experts, specialising in drug and alcohol analysis
  • Phlebotomists and Sample Collectors, to initiate testing
  • Plus any other specialist that you're likely to call on

Whatever your case entails, our local experts will support your preparations - and if needed, act as Expert Witnesses in or out of Court.

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Strengthen your Court Case with an Expert Witness

An Expert Witness has the power to sway any legal case. So choosing the right person to stand by you in court is no small decision - whether you need a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, GP or other expert.

Atkinson Lewis can help. As a full support network for Solicitors and Local Authorities, we have an extensive list of clinical professionals with backgrounds in highly specialist fields. Our expertise includes childcare, parental abuse, drug and alcohol dependency, employment matters, mental health, youth offending and more.

As well as Psychiatrists and Psychologists, our Expert Witness list includes GPs, Toxicologists and Biologists, who can add their own unique perspective.

So when should you bring in an Expert Witness?
We generally advise that your witness is brought into the case well ahead of the court date, to interpret background information such as lab test results, criminal records or medical notes. They can then supply an expert commentary or prepare a statement in line with the court's requirements.

In some cases, the expert's written recommendations will suffice, but there will be times when they need to take the stand. This is especially common in drug or alcohol cases, if their recommendations contradict the lab’s conclusions. Then it often helps to give the court an insight into the psychiatric or psychological assessment.

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Expert Assessments


Including lab tests, clinicial assessments and expert witness statements


Mental Capacity


Establishing mental health for families contesting key decisions