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Laboratory Services

Atkinson Lewis is not a lab. However, we do work closely with accredited laboratories, to provide an end to end service: sample collection, lab analysis and medical interpretation.

In this section, you will see exactly how we can help you, and discover the pitfalls to avoid when you are choosing a testing lab:


Sample Collection

How we collect samples for paternity, drug and alcohol tests - following the strictest chain of custody protocols.



Lab Reports

Why a lab can only tell you one side of the story. And why it's vital to call in a clinical expert before drawing conclusions.



Ultimately, our lab services are about establishing fact and making sure no-one has to accept the easy answers. Whether you are disputing paternity or misuse of drugs or alcohol, we can offer you a comprehensive service and access to leading experts - giving you results and recommendations that you can present in a court case or tribunal.


Just make one call to us...then make all your decisions with certainty.

Our experts are here to lighten the load. Here are some other ways we can help:


A panel of clinical experts, supporting business and legal casework


Workplace Testing

Solutions for employers troubled by drug or alcohol use


Expert Witness

Supporting our recommendations...
both in and out of Court


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Analysis Services


  • Drug Testing

    Via Hair using our Standard 9 Drug Panel
  • Alcohol Testing

    Via Blood to include CDT (Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin), LFT (Liver Function Test) and FBC (Full Blood Count)
  • Alcohol Testing

    Via Hair to include EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide) and FAEEs (Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters)
  • DNA Testing

    • Paternity
    • Grandparentage
    • Avuncular
    • Y-STR
    • Siblingship
    • Missing Parent
  • Other Testing

    • Steroids
    • Legal Highs “NPS” (New Psychoactive Substances)
    • Other Prescribed/Illicit Drugs outside the Standard 9 Drug Panel