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Sample Collectors and Phlebotomists, working UK-wide

If you are testing clients for drug or alcohol use - or simply a DNA match - Atkinson Lewis can help.

We have an extensive network of Sample Collectors who can take hair, blood or oral fluid samples anywhere in the UK – plus a team of clinical experts who can work with you to make sense of lab results.

Why use a professional Sample Collector?

That is a question we are asked every day! You could ask your GP for help or buy a home testing kit. But your GP has a long waiting list – and home testing kits will not give you results that you can rely on in Court.

At Atkinson Lewis, we only entrust this important work to trained Phlebotomists who learned their craft in a hospital environment. This means that (unlike many Sample Collectors) they learned to take blood from a live person, and not just from a dummy.


Our Collectors have also received extensive training in-house, so they are fully equipped to take hair, urine and oral fluid samples, and to record the donor’s declaration of drug and alcohol use.

Moreover, each Sample Collector is chosen for their personal qualities, like a friendly demeanour and the ability to put your clients at ease. After all, we are not there to judge – just to establish the facts.

When you work with us, you can be sure that samples are properly managed, and tested by laboratories that are fully accredited to European Standards.

And with a Medical Interpretation at the end of the testing process, you will have an end to end service - all timed to meet your scheduled Court dates.

Our experts are here to lighten the load. Here are some ways we can help:


Using test results to understand patterns and behavioural triggers


Expert Witness

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Hair, Blood and Oral Fluid Samples, for Drug, Alcohol and DNA Testing


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