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As a national business with a rapidly expanding client base, we’re looking to increase our team of experts in all parts of the UK. So if you’re a Psychiatrist or Psychologist, there could be an opportunity for us to work together.

Why partner with Atkinson Lewis?

Whatever you specialise in, you have probably come up against the same two problems as every other independent expert witness. Firstly, the ‘Feast & Famine’ challenge of maintaining a regular workflow, and secondly, juggling all those petty tasks – things that have to be done, but have nothing to do with your core skills or knowledge base.

If that sounds familiar, there is a lot to be gained. We can take away the day-to-day running, and leave you to focus your energy on the work you trained for.

What support can we offer you?

Our back office and business support partners can cover virtually every task. For example, the team includes...

  • Expert Estimators who can provide timescales and cost estimates at the point of enquiry - followed by a detailed response after consultation with you and the prospective client.
  • Experts in compiling agreements who will reply to your letters of instruction, attaching terms and conditions of business and any other items that fall outside your field of expertise. They’ll also follow up on your behalf, making sure you have all the information you need before your work begins.
  • Reporting Experts who will help you compile and structure your reports efficiently and on schedule.
  • Experts in Invoicing & Credit Control, who will raise your invoice to Atkinson Lewis - effectively automating your payment process.
  • Qualified Accountants who can maintain your books, field tax queries and complete your tax returns if needed.


And more importantly...

We can provide a regular flow of work, in your specialist field – so in every respect, you will be making the best possible use of your time.

So could we work together?

In the first instance, we will need your CV. We are not necessarily looking for decades of experience, as our Senior Consultants will work closely with partners who are more recently qualified. So assuming you meet our criteria, we are keeping an open mind...we want to find out what you will bring to the Atkinson Lewis team.

To begin your application, please contact us on 01792 578623 or

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